Wouldn’t it be funny if I were to write: backwards sentences my all?
.write to hard and read to hard be would It     Or I could just write

Hebrew style and write as the plow goes. It is quite relaxing to do it

txet siht htiw melborp ylno ehT .ti fo gnah eht teg uoy ecno ,dnah yb

is that the letters themselves are not backwards as they should be.

flah daer ylno nac elpoep emos taht tcaf rehto eht noitnem ot toN

of the words because the other half are backwards. Unless the

.daer ot meht rof ysae eb lliw ti neht dislexic eb ot sneppah nosrep


This post is not half as fun to read as it is to write it. Ah, the poor

gniog era taht senil eht neewteb daer t’nac ohw elpoep cixelsyd-non

forwards. I would feel sorry for you but this is just too fun. It makes

tub ,drawkcab etirw ot emit erom sekat dna daerfoorp ot redrah ti

like I said before, it’s more entertaining this way.  Blessings!

~nepsA elociN



A Challenge

I would like to challenge the generation that is right now young and full of life. There is so much to live for, and yet, most young people today are stuck behind our phones and computers.

Most of the older generation, who did not grow up with this advanced technology, is able to see how silly the young adults and teens act: texting to a friend who is across the room, putting pictures of what you eat on the internet, constantly looking up weather our friends have updated their status while we are constantly updating our own.

Some people laugh, but I think it is sad that we have fallen that far, lost in the virtual world. There are some days I wonder If the upcoming generation will be able to live in the real world and not constantly living in the virtual world. Will they go crazy if the go on a camping trip and their cell phone dies or there is no cell phone service.

This is why I wanted to post a challenge. Anyone can do it, but I am aiming this challenge at the youth who have known this technology their whole lives, who have never known any different. For one day out of the week (or more) put aside the cell phone, the tablet, the laptop, any kind of modern technology. And for that one technology free day, do something radical. Read a book. Take a walk in the park. Do something memorable, and leave your technology out of it. That’s right you will never have a recording of it and all there is to prove you did it is inside your brain.

So, when you do have your devices on hand, try to make it a point to not talk or text on the phone while having a conversation. And try not to update your status more than once or twice a day. I am sure your friends won’t die if it isn’t updated more often.

God Bless!
~NIcole Aspen

Autmn Leaves

Fall is my favorite time of year. It is a cozy time of year when you can wear a jacket during the day, and in the evening you sit on the couch with a blanket to keep warm as you read The Shadow of the Bear. But, my most favorite part about the third season is the leaves. If you hadn’t guessed by now I love leaves, especially the colorful Autumn leaves. One of the most beautiful sights to see is in the mountains where there is a whole forest of maple trees as they all change color at once. It looks like a rich blanket in vibrant colors of burgundy, red, orange and yellow. Up close the leaves look so elegant with their interwoven veins. I once found a whole skeleton leaf where all the soft tissue had decayed and only the veins were left, it was so beautiful, it looked like a piece of fine lace. I could go on and on about Autumn and its leaves. This is in part why I have named this blog after leaves. Another part is simply for the fact that I love the leaves of a book and I love to write. So, you see, I love all the parts of leaves. And I thank God that he created them.

~ Nicole Aspen


What would happen if the hero in a story did not get the girl? The movie writers are getting a little repetitive with that ending. What if the hero did not save the people? Does not a tragedy have a hero? Hamlet Was the Hero in Hamlet. What is the purpose of a hero? What is a Hero?

The Dictionary definition says a hero is a person admired for “courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities”. So a hero can be a total failure and still be counted as courageous if he is noble. No, that is not compatible with the outstanding achievements. Or is it? Well he could achieve much, maybe he is rich now, and fail to gain what mattered, perhaps winning the fair lady’s heart. Assuming he did it for a noble cause he would still be considered a hero, because of the knowledge he gained. I think that this idea would be an interesting story to write, or read. The main reason for this is the fact that in this day and age, we are all about happy endings. There are no tragedies. The hero always gets the girl. And people forget what the story is supposed to be about: The Hero’s growth in the journey.

The hero is the hero because he learns something. And though it is nice to have a reward for his achievements he does not have to gain anything material. To get all that you want in the end is not makes a good story. What does is the hero gaining wisdom from his exploits.


       Those who know me know that I can have random thoughts, and say random things related to what they just said. This may sometimes come out in my writing, as I am now learning. But, though I may seem to have random thoughts they are not really as random as you might think. Then again they might be. Usually, if you ask, I will be able to connect the thought process that brings me to the concluding idea. I guess what I am really doing is just letting my thoughts wander. Not a good thing if you are trying to focus on one subject!

        So as far as random thoughts, I have another one. The story I posted a couple days ago was partly from a dream I had and partly made up. I would have liked to know how the dream would have ended but I woke up before it ended. It is rather a silly story. Most dreams are.

~Nicole Aspen

The story I am going to tell never happened, and probably never will.
Once upon a time, during the twenty-first century, there was a girl named Amy. She was with her younger sister Katie in a tree, looking down at an evil pair of eyes, and trying to climb further up the tree. Earlier in the evening they had been quietly eating their supper of chicken soup and bread, when they heard a knock on the door. Not expecting any visitors, Amy and Katie look through the window to see who is at the door. Outside, crowded around the door, were a group of black haired, evil men with bushy eyebrows and layers of fur and leather clothes on, who looked like some kind of a Russian version of the Hun (not that there is much of a difference). They were looking for revenge on her family (I am not Sure why). And what choice does anyone in a situation like that have, other than to: a)open the door and hug the evil men or b)run out the back door (you may have already guessed, but the men outside the door were unhuggable)? The latter was the choice that was chosen, and as you know they ended up in an apricot tree hiding from the rather strangely dressed villains (it is after all the Twenty-First century, so, they sort of stand out like a sore thumb). Then, out of nowhere, a sword flashes. And before the men realize what blinded them, they were laid to rest, forever wondering what anyone was doing with a sword in the twenty-first century. The sword was wielded by Amy and Katie’s brother, Howard, who had already escaped from the evil clutches of the fur clad men once, now came to their rescue. Grateful the sisters embrace their brother then ride off into the sunset on a wild steed (Mustang), to a peaceful land, where they lived happily ever after. The End.

~Nicole Aspen

A Twenty-First Century Fairytale